Different Types Of Air Purifiers

When you are looking for an air filter purifier, you must realize that there are different types of air purifiers on the market. Most of the variances in the systems relate to the amount of air that they can purify at one time. You can look for an air cleaner that can take on the entire house or one that can clean just one room. There are small units that are ideal for single rooms as well as larger units that will cover the house.

Whole House Air Purifiers

Whole house air purifiers are large sized devices that work to clean the air in the entire house. They function by using carbon filtration to clean the air and are usually energy efficient. When you are seeking out an entire house air filter, you need to know how much air they can circulate as well as how much energy they will use. Naturally, you are going to want to get one that will use as little energy as possible and yet do a good job in cleaning the air in the house.

Single Room Air Purifiers

meTCTHxcYsZHYrsB0oYo7HAIf you have a smaller home or if you want to make sure that the air is clean in one room, then you will want to take a look at the different types of air filters that are made for this purpose. These are smaller units, take up less energy and will filter out the air in the room in which they are located, making it easier to breathe.

Air Purifiers Attached To Furnaces

Although you can portable air purifiers, some will get those that are attached directly to the furnace. This is only possible in a home with a furnace and gas forced air. These can be more costly than portable air cleaners that can just be plugged in and are ready to be used. The choice that you make when it comes to these air filters depends upon your budget as well as the ability to connect to the entire home via the furnace.

The Many Uses of Portable Air Purifiers

If there was one product that is very useful to travelers, it would be portable air purifiers. Two reasons would be traveling to a variety of climates and staying in different hotel rooms. With the ever changing environments that vacationers encounter in their travels this would definitely curve the amount of allergens that they are exposed to during their travels. Not knowing who has been in your hotel room and what they have brought with them is a growing concern for travelers, thus having an air purifier would help reduce these worries.

When encountering climate changes when traveling from location to location, by purifying the air in close quarters, one can stay in a variety of suitable environments. This could mean that when a person stays in a climate such as the humidity free mountains or a tropical area, this handy device will easily and conveniently alleviate any discomfort. Also in certain Southern areas of the country, this tool can be a lifesaver in the Summer months, when the temperatures of rise above 100 degrees.


When individuals vacation to their destinations, since the traveler never knows what the weather will hold, portable air purifiers can make the difference between an enjoyable vacation versus a miserable one. These small units are excellent for people with asthma, chronic breathing conditions, emphysema, and sinus problems, just to name a few. When these devices are in a person’s hotel room, they will be able to breathe with much more ease, no matter what the existing weather forecast holds.

These mobile units are more than often than not, an absolute miracle for the many people the can help, because they are not only lightweight and easy to carry, but also multifunctions in how they can accommodate a myriad of ailments an individual can suffer from. This apparatus greatly help call types of people including children, the elderly, travelling professionals, and women who are about to give birth, just to site a few examples. This item is a must have for anyone who desires to be surrounded by the freshest, cleanest and purest air. These products will for sure enhance the quality of one’s life.

Personal Air Purifiers

Car-pure-device-car-purifier-Trainborn-borgoo-font-b-portable-b-font-air-purifier-car-fontWhy should someone choose to purchase a personal air purifier? What are the benefits of carrying around a portable air cleaner? Is it really necessary, or is this overkill?

We are a society on the move. Whether to work, school, or play, we find ourselves in situations every day where we are faced with unclean, unhealthy, polluted air. You don’t have to suffer from chronic allergies in order to benefit from a personal air purifier. Think about the places and areas that you visit. The shopping mall, buses, subways, theaters, and airplanes. These places are notorious for pumping out recycled, unclean air that is full of dust and other pollutants.

So how do you combat this? Well, first and foremost, keeping a personal air purifier handy is the best way of protecting yourself and ensuring that you will always have fresh, clean air in which to breathe. A good air cleaner will remove over 99.9 percent of all harmful airborne pollutants that you encounter each and every day. This includes things such as pollen, dust, gases, bacteria and viruses.

But you are no limited to just using this device when you are on the go. No, a portable purifier is a great solution to use in your office and around your home as well. Face it, spending $500 each on multiple heavy duty air cleaners is not feasible for everyone. While such a device is great to have at home in a main living or sleeping area, you need a more economical solution. Enter the portable air purifier. With this device you have a light weight, small, portable unit you can take to work, in the car, keep with you while out shopping or travelling, and even carry around as you move about your house.

They are usually pretty simple to care for as well. A well made unit will have a simple filter replacement system and will only require a battery to operate. The best units have filters which last up to 6 months and require no additional maintenance.